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Did You Know?
Many plastic recycling companies will collect your waste plastic and ship it to various out-of-province processing plants who will subsequently send it to a landfill or incinerate it, creating harmful emissions.
With Sturgeon Plastics you can be confident knowing that 100% of your waste plastic is being recycled.
Why Choose Us

Recycling with us will have a positive impact on your business, the economy & the environment!

Together we can preserve our resources, offset landfill waste & reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reliable Service

Collection is guaranteed within 1-2 days and our on-site customer service centre ensures short wait times and quick call backs.

Cost Savings

Recycling with us means saving money on waste disposal services. Additionally, plastic collection comes at absolutely no cost to you – We'll never surprise you with hidden fees or extra charges.

Easy Solutions

If you don't have appropriate containers, we'll provide you with  large bins and durable heavy duty bags that can endure our harsh Alberta climate.


100% of your waste plastic is processed at our facility into reusable raw material for second generation plastic products. It is never incinerated or sent to the landfill.

Proudly Canadian

We believe that supporting our economy is just as important as preserving the environment. All of the plastic we collect is distributed solely to Canadian manufacturers. 

Company Info
Deep-Rooted Dedication

Our commitment to preserving the environment began in 1996 with VanBrabant Oil – recycling waste fuels, lube oils, and used filters. Since then, environmental demands have changed and the global waste crisis has reinforced the need for increased recycling and improved processes. This is what drove us to expand our recycling services to include plastic. In 2017 Sturgeon Plastics was added as a division of The VanBrabant Oil group of companies.

Environmental Focus

Our company  was built on a strong foundation of environmental accountability and awareness. Protecting our resources, minimizing ecological impact, and sustaining our economy has always been the motivation behind our business and is what drives to always be improving.  We believe that through responsible waste disposal with a 100% eco-friendly approach, we can achieve a healthy environment for years to come.

Customer Experience

Transparency, integrity and unwavering loyalty to our customers is the foundation of our business. We value building strong relationships and will continually strive to exceed your expectations with an unmatched level of service every single time.

Recycle With Us
Responsible Recycling Is Easy!

From storage to collection, we're committed to delivering Alberta businesses hassle-free recycling with unparalleled service.

Call  Us

Let's discuss your recycling needs. We're here to help!

Schedule Service

Get quick, reliable service that fits within your schedule.

Recycle Responsibly

Be confident knowing you're helping the environment.

Call us at 780-991-4391 or message us online to start recycling today!
Are you interested in collection or distribution?

Call us at 780-991-4391 or click here to fill out our online inquiry form.

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